About Us

Achieva Consulting & Property Management is a multi-task organization working in high-pressure environments. We interact effectively with various levels of your business, including owners, staff, and clients.

Achieva Consulting & Property Management has the ability to build team players and motivate associates to excellence in performance, with a commitment to accepting challenges, meeting goals, and achieving the highest level of potential in order to contribute to the profitability and growth of any organization.

Achieva Consulting & Property Management works with New Owners in the self-storage industry in all facets of the business: Unit layout design; Unit Mix; Pricing; Marketing Competition; Signage; Budgets Projections; Vendors and Start-Up procedures, thus providing them a complete "turn-key" operation.

Achieva Consulting & Property Management has proven track records for rejuvenating non-performing self-storage facilities by assessing problem areas and implementing structured changes. Our goal is to acquire non-performing self-storage facilities and turn them into successful income producing properties.

We use our experience to allow the Owner(s) to focus on what they do best, developing properties.

Our Mission

To maximize the return to investors through actively monitoring and managing the revenue stream while constantly seeking ways to reduce expenses for the properties without diminishing the service and appearance of the facility.

To encourage and motivate our manager's to be the most knowledgeable and professional managers in the industry.

Achieva Consulting & Property Management has 43 years experience as professionals in all phases of the self-storage industry and a long history and stellar reputation in the TSSA industry. During our involvement in the industry, we have directly managed over 100 facilities located throughout the state of Texas.

Contact A Professional Manager:

Rhonda Tiek

Achieva Consulting and Property Management was created in 1997, after I spent decades in the corporate world environment working as a salaried employee. Achieva Consulting and Property Management began as a third-party management company located in Dallas. My forte was consulting and management of several self-storage properties with strong emphasis on computer software conversions. As Achieva Consulting & Property Management grew throughout the years, in 2005 I made the decision to join forces with a business associate, who had extensive experience in all aspects of self-storage, Ms. Connie Jones. Together, we have 43 years of experience and have successfully managed over 100 storage properties. 

In order to operate the business more efficiently, I moved the business to Arlington, Texas so I could be closer to the Ft. Worth area with Connie Jones in the Dallas area. This way we had access to cover both areas, Dallas/Ft Worth in a timely manner. Since expanding the business, we represent Owners from California, Kansas City, Montana, New Mexico and Texas. Since inception, we have been closely involved with the Texas Self Storage Association so we keep abreast of the rapidly changing self-storage laws. We provide "hands on" services for our clients; from staff placement and management, operations, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, bank and credit card reconciliation's, monthly reports of the properties, software training, advertising, marketing and auctions. 

I have in depth experience with the latest SiteLink Web Edition software as well as other self-storage software progams and gate system integrations, credit card processing software and multiple truck rental service software.

Due to our reputation and successful management skills, Achieva Consulting and Property Management has successfully grown into a rewarding business which has given Connie and myself the ability to "be our own bosses". 

Connie Jones

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